Celsian III 30W

LED Floodlight

  • Beam Angle
    Beam Angle


  • Input


  • Life Hours
    Life Hours


  • Dimmable


Case ColourLED ColourPart Number
Without PIR (IP65)
BlackCool (6500K)CE3-3000C
BlackWarm (3000K)CE3-3000W
WhiteCool (6500K)CE3-3000CWHITE
WhiteWarm (3000K)CE3-3000WWHITE
With PIR (IP54)
BlackCool (6000K)CE3-3000CP
BlackWarm (3000K)CE3-3000WP
WhiteCool (6500K)CE3-3000CPWHITE
WhiteWarm (3000K)CE3-3000WPWHITE
All CE3 Range
Output LumensCool (6500K)2450lm
Output LumensWarm (3000K)2250lm
Consumed Power31W
Switch Time20,000
Instant LightYes
Dimensions (mm) Without PIR224 x 190 x 101
Dimensions (mm)With PIR224 x 253 x 101

Key Features

  • PIR with 4th wire for manual override or slave
  • Recommended for outdoor use
  • Supplied with 1m cable
  • With polycarbonate lens add suffix PC e.g. CE3PC-
  • Without PIR 3 year warranty
  • With PIR 2 year warranty

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