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Tell me about Watts, lumens and lamp efficiency

Watts measure how much power a lamp uses, while light output is measured in lumens. Efficiency can thus be calculated in terms of lumens per Watt. Light sources differ in their efficiency ratings, meaning that the amount of power used does not necessarily reflect the amount of light emitted. Even LED products can vary in their efficiency, and are becoming increasingly efficient as technology develops. Traditional light sources such as halogen and incandescent lamps produce light through heating a filament, so most of the energy used in these lamps is wasted as heat. LEDs product light in a different way and do not produce as much heat, making them much more energy efficient.

How do your LED lamps compare with non-LED products?

Throughout this site we give examples of non-LED lamps to which our LED products are comparable to help give an indication of where our lamps can be used in retrofit applications. Please note that LEDs will give a slightly different light quality, so it is important to take this into consideration when selecting lighting schemes.

How should I install low voltage LED products?

All low voltage (12V DC) products should be operated with a suitable LED driver. When retrofitting low voltage LED products, the transformer must be replaced with a suitable LED driver.

What about thermal management and lamp life?

Whilst LEDs do not create heat at the front of the lamp, the electronics behind the LED will produce some heat. Heat can degrade the LED and electronics within the lamp meaning that the light produced becomes dimmer. All of our lamps are designed with a suitable heat sink to remove any residual heat and prolong lamp life. The life of our products in this brochure are given as the average number of working hours at a room temperature of 25°C before the light output (lumens) drops below 70% of its original level (L70)

Can I use your lamps with enclosed fittings?

Diamond LED Lighting products are not designed for use in fully enclosed fittings.

What is colour temperature?

Diamond LED Lighting offer lamps in warm, cool and natural white with colour temperatures measured in Kelvin (K). The lower the colour temperature is, the warmer the light given by the LED:
  • Warm white = 2800-3500K
  • Natural white = 4000K
  • Cool white = 5000K+
Warm white creates a lighting scheme that more closely matches the light given by traditional halogen or incandescent lamps, while cool white creates a lighting effect which appears closer to daylight, with natural white light creating an effect that lies somewhere in between these.

Which type of dimmer switch should I use?

Not all LED products are dimmable, please look for the dimmable symbol when selecting your lamp. Most dimmer switches on the market are designed to work with a resistive load (such as a halogen or incandescent lamp). As LED products use a capacitive load, they may not function properly on all dimmers:
  • Where our products are classified as dimmable, we recommend using a trailing edge dimmer such as the Varilight V-Pro range.
  • Leading edge dimmers can also be used provided a resistive load is added into the circuit.
  • We will soon be releasing the VIRIBRIGHT dimmer, which we recommend for best performance with our range of dimmable VIRIBRIGHT products.


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